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An Ethereum Foundation Initiative

The Ethereum Foundation Fellowship Program is an opportunity for changemakers to use Ethereum to help solve challenges in developing countries.

Changemakers drive their independent projects while working alongside like-minded Fellows. The Ethereum Foundation provides a unique experience as well as access to mentorship and technical support.

We believe that Ethereum’s capability to build trust, transparency, and efficiency has the potential to help solve some of the challenges that exist in developing countries, and are faced by billions of people. These challenges include the lack of formal identification, lack of access to banking and financial services, and lack of internet connectivity. It is in this context - an overlap between opportunities, impact, and potential for Ethereum - that the Ethereum Foundation’s Fellowship Program was created.

Ethereum Foundation Fellowship Cohort 2021

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From April through December 2021, this pilot cohort of Fellows will drive forward their projects, each addressing a social, economic, or environmental challenge that exists in their communities, reflecting the developing world at large. They will provide insights from their experiences, as each explores the capabilities of blockchain technology for development. We look forward to learning from the Fellows as they further enrich the global Ethereum community.

Fellow: Benson Njuguna

Benson Njuguna (Acre Africa) is working to implement blockchain solutions to a microinsurance product that protects thousands of small-scale farmers in Kenya from extreme weather events. His project will test and showcase Ethereum’s potential in enabling the viability and sustainability of products and services that target the bottom of the pyramid.

Fellow: Chuy Cepada

Chuy Cepeda (OS.City) provides municipal and national governments a platform to easily issue blockchain-based documents to its citizens, with a vision that one day our Ethereum wallets would hold every government-issued document like permits and IDs. During the Fellowship Program, he and his team will work with the Presidency of Argentina and strategize for the meaningful adoption of blockchain in the public sector in Latin America.

Fellow: Kuldeep Bandhu Aryal

Kuldeep Bandhu Aryal (BRAC) will develop a blockchain and crypto strategy for BRAC - the world’s largest NGO based in Bangladesh that annually serves over 100 million people. His project - which also involves multiple experiments using blockchain - could serve as a model for other social enterprises and the development sector at large.

Fellow: Naroa Zurutuza

Naroa Zurutuza (Giga) is exploring the power of blockchain in Giga’s effort to connect every school to the internet. In providing today’s most important public good to billions of currently unconnected people, she is envisioning many roles that blockchain can play, from increasing accountability of service providers and financing connectivity infrastructures to an access point to the global economy and marketplaces.

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