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An Ethereum Foundation Initiative

The Ethereum Foundation Fellowship Program is a small forum for leaders who, during the course of 6 months, drive their own projects that use Ethereum as a public good destined to help billions of people coordinate and thrive.

Ethereum has already reached millions of people, but to reach the next billion, Ethereum must overcome many gaps in representation across cultures, nationalities, and economic classes.

The Fellowship Program is about bridging these gaps by identifying and supporting unique and talented individuals helping to enable Ethereum’s relevance and breaking down barriers to entry for those underrepresented people and communities who will become the future of web3.

Eligibility of Projects and Candidates

A Fellow is a leader committed to their own project that helps Ethereum become a tool of and for the next billion. Their project could be a decentralized app, a piece of research, a community building initiative, or something else entirely. Some projects might be part of a lifelong quest of the Fellow; others could be a brand new idea that is just getting started.

Whatever the project, whomever the Fellow, the Fellowship Program is focused on public goods that enable the flourishing of populations, communities, or individuals under-represented in the Ethereum ecosystem today.

Fellowship Program Alumni

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Fellow: Benson Njuguna

Benson Njuguna (Acre Africa) worked to implement blockchain solutions to a microinsurance product that protects thousands of small-scale farmers in Kenya from extreme weather events. His project tested and showcased Ethereum’s potential in enabling the viability and sustainability of products and services that target the bottom of the wealth pyramid. Read more about Benson's work here.

Fellow: Chuy Cepada

Chuy Cepeda (OS.City) worked with municipal and national governments to create an Ethereum wallet app in Spanish for citizens, with a vision to one-day hold government-issued documents (like permits and IDs). During the Fellowship Program, he and his team worked with the government of Argentina and created strategies to advance the meaningful adoption of blockchain in the public sector in Latin America. Read more about Chuy's work here.

Fellow: Kuldeep Bandhu Aryal

Kuldeep Bandhu Aryal (BRAC) sought to build a blockchain and crypto strategy for BRAC - the world’s largest NGO based in Bangladesh that annually serves over 100 million people. His project - which also involves multiple experiments using blockchain - could serve as a model for other social enterprises and the development sector at large.

Fellow: Naroa Zurutuza

Naroa Zurutuza (Giga) explored Ethereum-based solutions as part of Giga's effort to connect every school to the internet. By helping to provide today’s most important public good to billions of currently unconnected people, Naroa envisioned many roles that blockchain can play, from increasing accountability of service providers and financing connectivity infrastructures to an access point to the global economy and marketplaces.

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